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HOT STONE MASSAGE – 1hr Treatment $70

Hot stone therapy is a highly detoxifying type of massage which unites with body balancing oils, and stress-absorbing volcanic stones provide the ultimate in healing techniques. Muscles are cleansed of stress, tension and assimilate de circulation, allowing the toxins to come up to the surface of the skin and increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Surrender to the benefits of this relaxing stone therapy.


REIKI TREATMENT – 45min Treatment $60

Calm, Balance, Purify, Heal, Revitalize  

Reiki is a Japanese touch therapy for relaxation and pain relief that also promotes healing. Although Reiki is “hands-on”, unlike massage, Reiki is administered through a very gentle touch. While the patient is seated or lying down and fully clothed, the practitioner’s hand are placed along energy centres and pathways on the head, neck, shoulders, upper chest, abdomen, legs, and feet (similar to those used in acupuncture).

It is a healing approach that uses light touch from the practitioner to channel healing energy to the recipient. Traditionally it has been used as a very gentle yet effective way to relieve physical and emotional pain and to promote spiritual clarity. Reiki also speeds the healing process and balances the body’s energy. Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels by restoring the lost balance between the mind, body and spirit.